Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie is something many women like. But, some may not purchase it for themselves because they feel guilty spending hard earned money on it. They might instead opt for some sports bras and a six pack of inexpensive panties. I have to admit to being a sports bar and six pack of panties lady. If my husband however, splurges on some sexy lingerie as a gift for me it certainly helps to spice things up in the bedroom.

There are many occasions when buying sexy lingerie as a gift is appropriate. For example, a bridal shower. The bride will appreciate having a nice assortment of sexy nightgowns, teddies, and cute bra panty sets to take on her honeymoon. Valentines day is another opportunity to present the lady in your life a gift of sexy lingerie to accompany the chocolates and flowers. Birthdays and special anniversary dates such as the anniversary of your wedding or the day you met are also excellent times to give a gift of lingerie to the woman you love.

Some ladies will agree that when their husband or boyfriend buys them some sexy lingerie for no reason it means more to them. This is because it makes them feel that the man in their life is very attracted to them.

My advice to the sports bra and six pack panty ladies like myself would be don’t wait until someone gives you a gift of sexy lingerie. Instead of waiting go to a store. that specializes in ladies lingerie and splurge on yourself You may be suprised at how good it feels to purchase your own sexy lingerie.

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